Here are 7 magical tips if you are spending holidays alone

There is nothing wrong with spending holidays alone

Are you among the ones who will be spending the holidays alone? Well, worry not you have got our back. Speaking about spending holidays alone, there is nothing wrong. However, if you want to be surrounded by loved ones, it can feel rotten.

Remind yourself it’s okay if all you do for the holidays is get through them

As known, a little anticipation setting can go a long way, even if it’s just saying, “Okay, yeah, holidays this year are going to suck. I’m going to feel like crap and my way through it the best I can.” Thus permit yourself to hate every minute of this if that’s what you need.

Set new holiday expectations or goals

Tell yourself that you know you won’t have a “typical” holiday this year. It is still better to try to redefine what the holidays mean, even temporarily, which can help lift a little weight off your shoulders.

Don’t force yourself to keep up with old traditions

If keeping up with old traditions that you’d usually do with your loved ones will make you feel better, that’s awesome. But for a lot of people, it might just be a bummer, given that it’s a direct reminder of what you’re missing out on.

Consider making a gameplan ahead of time

So your plan does not have to be super fierce or anything. Your holidays can be watching movies after breakfast will save you from some endless, melancholy scrolling through Netflix when you’re already down.

Give celebrating a shot even if you’re skeptical

The thing about self-care and mental health advice is that it’s easy to decide something won’t work without actually trying it. Thus, there will be times when you will surprise yourself and find out it does help you feel better.

Try to appreciate the little things

“If you start feeling low, try to focus on the soft lighting of the holiday decorations or the sparkle of ornaments and allow yourself to appreciate them,” Arielle W., 34, tells SELF. “Especially right now, things aren’t easy or stable. We can give ourselves those little moments, though, where we can find a degree of peace and stability, even if tomorrow it’s back to the usual routine.”

Stay up on basic self-care the best you can

Try to manage your basic needs so your holiday can at least exist on top of a sturdy foundation. It won’t fix everything, but it will help. And of course, practice a ton of self-compassion if and when these practices don’t come easily to you or you can’t manage them on certain days.

Summing up, these were a few tips for you. So cheer up and start jotting down plans for your holidays this year.