Have a look at these 6 clever and visually appealing bunk bed style for your kids

For many families, bunk beds are an essential space-saving solution. How else do you house growing children in the same room while maximizing floor and play space? The good news is that you can say goodbye to clunky, traditional bunk beds and hello to cool bunk bed designs that are not only functional but also visually appealing.

Here is a list of bunk bed ideas that you and your kids are bound to love:

Scandinavian Style Bunk Bed

This Nordic-style bunk bed’s simple, clean lines make it an obvious choice for families who prefer minimalist designs. Inspired by the popular “House-Shaped Bed,” this version takes it to the next level with an inventive second-story addition.

Birdhouse Style Bunk Bed

This twin bunk bed setup includes a roof and ladder, but the circular cut-out window with ledge ups the cute factor even more. Children will enjoy perching in the window, and parents will appreciate the three-sided guardrails. And the slatted roof is ideal for hanging fairy lights for magical nights.

Architect Style Bunk Bed


The floating bunk beds are ideal for those looking for bunk bed ideas for small rooms. This solution saves space and has a very clean, linear appearance. It can include a storage shelf and a ladder for access to the top bunk.

Suspended Rope Bunk Bed

This oak bunk bed is secured to the wall with rope-wrapped steel braces anchored to ceiling hooks. Natural materials give off a light, nautical vibe and help to create the illusion that the top bunk bed is floating in the air.

Ship Lap Style Bunk Bed

Built-in bunks wrapped in shiplap or something similar must be included in cool bunk bed ideas. Instead of leaving the space at the foot of the beds empty, a pull-out closet was built in this version.

Cozy and Private Style Bunk Bed

This is an excellent solution for growing children who share a room but want more privacy is cleverly center-divider design bunk beds that create a sense of solitude. In addition, an arch can be added to privacy curtains for an even cozier look and feel.