Artificial Intelligence : 5 Advanced Robots You Must Know About

In this article we will highlight 5 modern day advanced robots that you must know about,

A robot is a configurable machine that can accomplish a task, whereas robotics is the field of study that focuses on the development of robots and automation. Each robot has varying levels of autonomy. These values varied from human-controlled bots to completely autonomous bots that perform the tasks with no outside influences. Todays modern interpretation of robotics encompasses the creation creation, and use of bots that perform tasks such as discovering the planet’s toughest circumstances, aiding law enforcement, simplifying medical interventions, and undergoing rescue missions.

Robots are made of some kind of mechanical structure. A robot’s mechanical aspect aids it in accomplishing assignments in the surroundings for which it was designed. Electrical connections that regulate and power the machinery are required for robots. Robotic systems all possess some degree of computer programming. A robot would be nothing more than a piece of simple machinery if it did not have a set of instructions telling it what to do. Inserting a programme into a robot allows it to know when and how to perform a task.

In this article we will highlight 5 modern day advanced robots that you must know about,

1. Digit

Digit is a humanoid robot created by Agility robotics in the United States in 2019. It is planned in such a manner that it moves differently than other robots. Digit was designed to perform tasks in difficult environments. Companies claim that it will be used in the future to look after people in their residences, in search and rescue, and for other purposes. Digit is strong enough to lift 18kg of weight, which distinguishes it from other human robots.

2. Cassie

Cassie is Digit’s younger sister. It is a dynamic robot capable of walking and running like humans and animals. Cassie can walk in a variety of conditions and terrain, and because of its advanced technology and sensors, it is expected to be used in potential search and rescue missions. Cassie was named after the Australian bird Cassowary, which has legs that are similar to Cassie’s.

3. Stuntronic

Walt Disney Imagineering creates stunttronic robots for public entertainment. It is an animated character Stunt robot capable of aerial flips, twists, and other stunts. These robots use advanced technology that includes on-board sensors to keep track of correct movement activities for flips, twists, and other actions such as touching down on time.

4. Aquanaut

Beneath the water, aquanaut robots perform complex tasks simultaneously. In submarine mode, it can commute at a rate of 250 km/h and at a depth of 300 metres. It employs cutting-edge technology to investigate gas infra and subsea oil. It can continue operating valves and use tools to make adjustments in some areas.

5. Atlas

Some companies claim it is the most agile Humanoid ever created. Its body shape is so dynamic that it can move quickly and balance itself on a variety of terrains by using all of its body skills. The robot can do a variety of tasks, but some of its favourites are running, jumping, and backflips. Its advanced AI systems enable it to detect obstacles and navigate various terrains.