Take a look at some glowing skincare tips from well known K-drama celebs

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite K-drama and K-pop stars, as well as the beauty tips they can’t live without. Read on!

Nobody walks the walk quite like Korean celebrities when it comes to sharing beauty and skincare tips. These radiant beings have discovered the key to blemish-free, poreless skin that looks just as good in high-definition.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite K-drama and K-pop stars, as well as the beauty tips they can’t live without. Prepare for mind-blowing beauty!

Wear Sunscreen

In this day and age, men should not be afraid to take care of their skin. Consider Nam Joo-hyuk, the Start-Up and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo actor known for his boyish good looks. The model-turned-actor revealed his skincare tip to Korean fashion magazine High Cut: wear sunscreen.

“I began wearing sunscreen. “I never forget to wear it, especially when filming outside,” Nam Joo-hyuk said.

‘Less Is More Skincare’ Funda

If you believe that “less is more,” you’ll appreciate what Son Ye-jin has to say about her daily skincare routine. A minimal, fuss-free approach to skincare is ideal for the Crash Landing on You actress, who prefers to hydrate her naturally oily skin with fewer steps.”It’s impossible to do 10 steps,” Son Ye-jin told Her World in an interview. “I believe it is determined by the individual’s skin type.”

Use One Sheet Mask Daily

Perhaps the key to playing a vice-chairman in his 30s (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?) and then an underdog high schooler (Itaewon Class) isn’t just a different haircut. It’s also in the poreless, ageless quality of one’s skin.
According to an interview, the actor Park Seo-joon maintains his youthful appearance by using one sheet mask per day. And it certainly shows!

Wash your face with Milk?

Song Joong-ki, the Descendants of the Sun actor, has many titles under his belt, Forbes Korea Power Celebrity, and published skincare author. Yes, you read that correctly. He wrote an entire skincare book. By the way, you’re welcome.
The 35-year-old actor admits to cleansing his face with milk every night to maintain his luminous and smooth skin. But, before you dismiss it, he must be onto something because he isn’t the only Korean celebrity who does this. Han Sun-wha of SECRET also enjoys making her face mask out of bean powder and milk.