Who is Armaan Malik? Popular YouTuber who has 2 wives, both pregnant

Armaan Malik, a popular YouTuber vlogger, has made headlines yet again due to the fact that both of his wives, Payal and Kritika, are pregnant at the same time. Armaan recently shared photos on Instagram of his wives twinning in co-ord sets, showing off their baby bumps. However, once the news became public, Armaan was brutally trolled by the users.

Who exactly is Armaan Malik?

According to the information available, Armaan Malik’s life is more dramatic than a Bollywood film. He married Payal in 2011, and they share a son, Chirayu.

However, while still married to Payal, he began dating Kritika, and they married in 2018 after only a week of dating. Following that, Armaan began living with both of his wives under one roof as a happy ‘trouble,’ and both wives are now pregnant together.

Soon after Armaan posted a photo of both his wives showing off their baby bumps, the comment section was flooded with netizens trolling them. The photo has since gone viral, receiving numerous likes and comments.

Armaan rose to prominence last year when, in a video, he compared both of his wives to his kidneys, implying that he loves them equally. Payal and Kritika Malik are both content creators.

TROLLING STARTED after news of both wives’ pregnancy surfaced

The content creator’s comments section is flooded with comments from netizens, who are expressing their anger and calling it “cheap”.

One user commented, “Yeh koun se ladkiyan hain jo husband share kar leti hain (Who are these women who share a husband?)” Another one exclaimed: “Yar ye dono ek sath pregnant!”

Malik, who enjoys a following of 1.5 million on social media, tied the knot with Priya in 2011 and also has a son with her named Chirayu. He then married Kritika in 2018. Kritika is reportedly the best friend of Payal.

The four members of the family have been residing together ever since. Payal and Kritika are frequently seen in photos together.