The Crown Season 5 Trailer: Beginning of the End with Princess Diana vs the Royal Family

The trailer of Crown season 5 sees the royal family dealing with being in the public eye 24×7, coupled with Princess Diana’s disapproval of being a silent member.

The trailer for Netflix’s Crown Season 5 has just dropped and it’s everything we could have hoped for. We see the aging Queen trying to hold on to the royal traditions while modernity threatens their system. And then there is the formidable force, Princess Diana, loved by the people but frowned upon by many in the Royal Family.

Based on historical events, The Crown dramatizes the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that have shaped her reign. With the new decade in its stride, the Royal Family are presented with possibly their biggest challenge to date; as the public openly question their role in ’90s Britain.

This turbulent decade for the Royal Family has been well documented and interpreted by journalists, biographers and historians. As Elizabeth Debicki, who takes on the role of Princess Diana, explains, “That’s the amazing thing about playing these people at this time, because in the journey of The Crown so far out of all the seasons, this is the most visual content we have of the Royal Family. In the ’90s everything had started to be filmed and also it was the birth of the 24-hour news cycle so there’s just this incredible amount of content that we have access to.”

Watch the trailer here:

With this being the final cast change, Dominic West (Prince Charles) explains, “I think people understand, because the cast has changed every two seasons, that this is not an imitation,” he says. “This is an evoking of a character.”

Whilst Imelda Staunton (Queen Elizabeth II) hopes that, like her character, she has done her duty to the audience, “What has been nice, and I hope I don’t prove them wrong, is people saying, ‘I’m really looking forward to seeing her as the queen. So, let’s just hope that works out for them because I’ve done it. Nothing I can do about it now!”