Vivek Agnihotri details technical aspects of filming ‘The Vaccine War’

Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri is all set to release his much awaited bio-science film ‘The Vaccine War’.

Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri is all set to release his much awaited bio-science film ‘The Vaccine War’.

Going over its shooting, the director detailed the many technical aspects of the film, as well as some of its themes, one of which is in fact women empowerment.

Taking to social media, ‘The Kashmir Files’ director shared a behind-the-scenes clip, which showcased some of the measures which he had used to make the film.

The clip showcases a greater aspect regarding camerawork, polishing up the frames, creating the sets and photographing actual locations and real life documents, to make it seem as accurate as it can be while still keeping intact the film’s focus.

Also, since there is apparently little CGI in the film, the director had said that polishing up the whole thing was of paramount importance. This was in regards to the comparatively much greater and detailed production which was shown in the trailer.

Regarding the technical aspects, Agnihotri stated: “This time we had a higher budget and greater star power, as such it was easier to have a more polished design. We were able to conduct better camera work, and had to speak to many people just to get tidbits of information.”

Apart from that, he said: “The very term bio-science in itself was controversial, because the term ‘virology’ is unknown to so many people, and they are quick to dismiss it. My objective was to create awareness among people that there is such a thing as bio-science.”

Unlike his previous blockbuster film, ‘The Vaccine War’ is a more technical film, given its many scientific details.

As such, the director had stated in a YouTube interview: “We have made the film in collaboration with ICMR and even spoke to members of IIT as well as researched documents from IIM. We conducted a full scale country-wide research while collaborating with IIM to find out the secrets of Covaxin, who made it and how it was really made. While talking about the vaccine, people only referred to biotech and serum, but no one really knew about the process.

“My aim was mainly to uncover just how the formula was discovered, at a time when the whole country was shrouded in darkness and there was just a very stark bleakness. As such, I have called it a ‘Bio-Science film’ as opposed to a history film or anything.”

He also said that one of the themes of the film was in fact women empowerment. Talking about this, he said: “We met everyone in the background while conducting our research, and to our surprise we found out that majority of the developers in this whole vaccine project were almost entirely women. This was not my intention, but after I found out this bit of information, I wanted to highlight this.”

‘The Vaccine War’ is slated to release on September 28, 2023 and is a tribute meant to honour the medical fraternity of scientists and doctors who worked at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, to manufacture vaccine.