Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare Becomes The New Captain Of The House

MC Stan and Priyanka have a spat and the latter even called Gautam’s decision unfair.

The October 17 episode of Bigg Boss 16 commenced with Nimrit complaining about a packet of missing Basmati rice. This led to an inspection but Nimrit later found it in the kitchen. Shiv complained that Nimrit was wrong to check for the packet of rice in everyone’s room. However, she defended herself and later started crying as she has anxiety issues.

Bigg Boss then called Shalin and Tina to the confession room and asked them why they are avoiding one another. Tina and Shalin ended up saying that Gautam has no leadership qualities and does not support his friends. Soon, Bigg Boss informed Gautam that he was being fired from the captaincy as he did not take decisions on his own accord. This was followed by Priyanka and Shiv emerging as the captaincy contenders.

The two had to make dominos with plastic sticks and the other housemates could help them to some extent. After the fight between Priyanka and Shiv intensified, the former lashed out at sanchalak Gautam Vig. In the meantime, Shalin and Sumbul also get into a spat as he did not take her name for captaincy. Ankit then got injured and Bigg Boss ended up telling them not to play inside the bathroom. Gautam eventually announced that Shiv is the new captain as Priyanka was being disqualified.

MC Stan and Priyanka have a spat and the latter even called Gautam’s decision unfair. Meanwhile, Sumbul and Shalin continued to argue and the former then started crying. Later, Tina Datta announced that she will not do kitchen work as she was busy with cooking. In the meantime, Sajid was seen telling MC Stan not to feel bad about negative comments as the rapper had teary eyes.